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Community Skills Hub in Europe from Facebook – A New Initiative

Facebook Community Hub

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23 Jan 2018, California- In a recent announcement, made by Facebook on 22nd of January, 2018, the company is all set to open three new community skill hubs in Europe. The objective is to train people in developing digital skills and wants to involve one million people, over a period of two years.


The three community skills hubs will be based in Spain, Italy, and Poland. Plans are on to invest a further $10 million in France, where the company wants to build an artificial intelligence research facility.


Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, said:” We want to bridge the digital divide by helping people get the skills they need to benefit from the digital economy.”


In view of the massive allegations of fake news and growing concerns over issues ranging from privacy to anti-trust- the social media giant is under a lot of pressure. Perhaps, to regain its lost credibility and earn the goodwill of the users, Facebook is taking such a drastic step.


The Facebook community hubs will begin training users in the domain of digital skills and media literacy. There is also a genuine interest to provide the users with a detailed manual on online safety to people who are vulnerable and don’t have access to technology.

Facebook Communities Hub

By the year 2020, Facebook intends to train one million people through these community hubs.

There is also a community boost EU program, which will target business owners and start-ups and assist them to grow online and expand their reach. By and large, Facebook community hub centers will work together with 100,000 small and medium-sized businesses for in-person training. When it comes to online training, the numbers would hover around 250,000.

Already, executives from Facebook are converging on the European continent to address the various issues, with the aim to placate the majority of the users, who are accusing the company of siphoning off profits from and tax evasion.

The overall emphasis is on involving the community and giving them an opportunity to get involved with the digital revolution. Facebook is trying to transcend its role from being a social networking site to that of an innovator, where it wants to bridge the divide.

In addition to these, the intention is also to educate the digital skills of an average European, with the additional aim of reducing the rising unemployment and stabilize the economy.

Facebook community centers in Nigeria and Brazil have been a great success and similar hubs in Europe will work too, that’s what the experts believe.