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Facebook to link Video Chat and Live Streaming with Instant Game

Facebook Live Stream Games

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Keeping up with the festivities, Facebook is soon to announce two new features, live streaming and video chat, which will now be linked with Instant Games, a platform which was recently last year, on both Facebook and Messenger.

Before the eventual release of the video chat feature, Facebook will do make it a point to evaluate the overall performance. As a matter of fact, plans are already in place and Zynga’s Words with Friends is likely to be the first game, made available on this platform.

Since the live streaming feature has already been released, it will provide the gamers a medium to broadcast the current games, they are playing, besides letting them have active conversations.

The focus is now on providing the gamers with a platform to play over 70 games and chances are high of adding more games to the existing list. As for the new games to be released in the early part of next year includes the massively popular Angry Birds, Sega’s Sonic Jump and Disney's Tsum Tsum.

Objective now is to enhance the user engagement

To enhance the user engagement, it appears that Facebook is more likely interested in integrating more video content into the Instant Games platform. In a recent statement, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook had to say this:” it is not just about spending time with the purpose of viewing content. The overall emphasis is more on providing the user with a “ time well spent” option, with increasing emphasis on giving a platform to connect with friends and family.”

The addition of live chat and video streaming is a strategy to allow the users have a chance to interact socially, apart from making the games more interesting and engaging, to an extent.

Of course, this new move by Facebook is aimed more towards staying relevant, amidst the high competition from mobile game developers. Mobile gaming is trending at the moment and this really makes the management at Facebook, a bit uncomfortable. With revenues hitting a new low, the social networking giant had to take certain steps, so as to pull maximum users.

In a bid to counter the competition, the introduction of live chat and video streaming might seem to be a good move. However, the video chat feature is still in the testing stages and a lot will depend on how the user will make use of the platform.

How to deal with Facebook technical issues?

In view of any technical issue that generally affects your ability to access the account, it all comes down to approaching the technical support. As such, the third party Facebook customer service phone number is what you need to dial, so as to find an immediate solution to the many issues. In doing so, you also have an opportunity to troubleshoot the technical glitches in a flawless manner.